• She's A Mirror Premiere and Fuck Yeah Fest Announcement

    She's got a long black cape

    And you’re trying to escape

    From the shape

    Of the things yet to come…

    She's A Mirror is track number 10 on my new record, Personal Record, and I can't think of a better place to debut this new song.   Listen to it HERE at Rookie Magazine.

    A few fun facts about She's A Mirror:

    Although I hoped it would be my Lust For Life, it turned out to be more my Maneater.

    The demo was recorded to the rhythm track of the Bluegrass Banjo disc on my Optigan.  Listen closely and you can hear it in one of the verses, maybe two.

    The original version ended with four choruses, but we cut it down to a more modest three, aka "the triple chorus."

    There is no Sparks record that lights up in the dark, but there is a red vinyl 12" of Number One Song In Heaven.  (I don't own a copy.)

    What else?  

    I'm playing at the FYF Fest in Los Angeles on August 24th.  Check out the line-up and buy tickets HERE  I'm most excited to hear the Breeders play Last Splash.  I'm sure you'll agree.

    And stay tuned for the "She's A Mirror" film, coming soon to a computer screen in your room.